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It’s been a cold rainy couple days; have you just been feeling like staying in bed wrapped under blankets all day? Your dog is also probably feeling the same. You might have noticed your dog being less active and maybe even lethargic on colder days. That’s because dogs do feel the chills. Their furry coats does not completely shield them from the cold. It’s important to make sure your dog stays warm!

When the weather is cold, an obvious sign a dog is cold is if they are shivering and shaking, at that point you must immediately bring them to warmth.

When dogs are cold, they attempt to warm themselves up by curling up into a ball. So far it’s pretty similar to way we humans are when we feel cold. If you’re feeling cold, remember to check in on your pets too.

For the dogs that are always indoors, they may not be cold to the point of shivering and they might usually sleep curled up. If you are unsure or don't know how to tell if your dog is cold, you can check if their ears are cold.

There are risks of your dog being sick if they are cold, like humans, they can catch germs which will give them canine flu and cold. Most will show signs of cold with sneezing, fatigue and discharge from the eyes and nose.

So, bring your pets inside and bundle them up in a warm sweater and/or a blanket to snuggle in.

Stay warm and safe.

U&I Team

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