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Updated: May 1, 2022

- Make sure your pets always have ample of water to drink. This is a must for all year round and even more so in the summer. While we humans may forget to drink our daily goal of water intake (even when we set reminders and use apps), our pooches are at more risk of dehydration if they do not drink water.

So make sure their water bowls are always clean and full.

- Our pets seeks comfort in very similar ways to humans. They cuddle for warmth and some may hog the fan and heater depending on the season. You do not need to leave the A/C on for them all day. Just let them enjoy the same air quality and temperature you would want for yourself.

It is especially important to not leave your pets on the roof or outdoors where there are no shady areas.

- Choose walk times at cooler times of the day, such as early morning or late evenings.

The hot sidewalk, asphalt or sand can burn your dogs paws and cause them to excessively lick their paw pads.

Always carry water for your pets during walks, especially if its going to be a long one.

- Summer brings many bugs and insects, and they can latch themselves on to your pets.

Make brushing a part of your daily routine and watch out if your pets are scratching themselves more than usual.

- Dogs have coats with several layers and they serve as air regulators for all seasons. They are at risk of getting sun burned when shaved. Cats are even better at regulating their body temperature and do not need to be shaved to keep them cool either.


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