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Can you Hear Me? This is Jimin, one of our early rescues and he is here to share some health tips. Did you know that dogs have 18 muscles in each ear to make tiny movements and pick up a wide range of sound? In fact, dog ears are like antennae so they can move their ears independently to hear separate messages in each ear. Having said that, most owners neglect to clean a dog’s ears and ear infections are another common disease for dogs. Dogs with droopy and floppy ears need special care for their ears. If you start to see a build up of gunk in the ear, IT’S TIME TO CLEAN! Dirty ears can release a fowl funky smell from your dog. Left untreated, ear infections lead to inflammation and could cause your dog to become deaf. So, remember to check your dog’s ears regularly and making cleaning part of your weekly routine. You can do this simply by getting cotton wool and cleaning the ears from the outer part, and slowly go inwards as your dog gets used to it. Remember, to just clean out the surface and parts that you can see as dog’s ears are very sensitive. You can also try an ear rinse that can be purchased from a pet store near you.

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