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Fundraiser: Pet Portrait Illustration

Order an illustrated portrait of your pets and support U&I rescue missions!

Each portrait is a personalized illustration of your pets and can also be a thoughtful gift for your paw friends.


Full Body Portrait

This is one without any add-on's. You can select background color and shape. At additional cost, you can choose to add customized designs to make it more personal and meaningful.

Untitled_Artwork 2.JPG



Artwork custom.jpg

         Face Portrait

This is a custom order.

The pet owner chose  to add on flowers and her dog's favorite green frog toy to be a part of the portrait.

Without any add-on's the portrait will feature just the face  of your pets with a background color of

your choice.


Each portrait is drawn by hand on digital medium by our illustrator. The details, skills and time that goes into creating them is reflected in the rates.

Screen Shot 2021-09-24 at 3.52.27 PM.png


Step 1: Place your order through IG or Whatsapp or Google forms.

Send us a reference picture - choose a clear, well-lit picture of your pet(s)

In the order form, you can share details about your pet that could be helpful in capturing their characters.

Step 2: Make payment via GPAY/UPI.

Contact us for other payment method options.

Leave a note with your name and pets name. Share the screenshot. 

We will send regular updates so we can make an illustration you will definitely love!

GPAY/UPI to uirescues@sbi


Proceeds will go towards ongoing U&I projects - stray cats sterilization and animal rescue.

Animal rescue: Most of the dogs and cats we rescue are abandoned or neglected and are often

in need of medical care. Your donations helps us support more animals in need.

Stray Cat Neutering: This is a year round project that we are committed to. The benefits of our project is that

it slows the rate of reproduction amongst stray cats. A female cat can birth an average of 7-12 kittens a year;

the cost of sterilization is upwards of INR500-3000.


Every bit of support counts towards helping us make impactful difference for the animals in our community.

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