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Want a furry friend but can’t adopt?

Be a foster home and help our rescued dogs on the journey to their forever home. 

save a life. join our foster program.

What does fostering a dog mean? Who can be a foster parent?

Fostering a dog means opening your home to a dog in need of one while they wait to get adopted. As a foster parent, you will have a vital role in helping them get adjusted to living indoors and around people. The daily love and care you provide will shape the dog’s life and really help them live a better life. Being around humans and being showered with the love they deserve is the best environment for a dog. Fostering is like having a dog without the long-term commitment. It is a plus if you have had experience with dogs, however it is not a requirement


What do I need before I foster?

You will need to provide love and basic necessities for the dog(s) in your care, this will include food, water, bed and crate, leash and collar. Make sure you discuss it with your house members and everyone is comfortable with the (temporary) addition. If you have your own dog, you will have to have to help them adjust to the new addition.

What is expected of me as a foster parent?

Fostering can be a serious commitment and you will need to provide love and basic necessities for the dog(s) in your care, this will include food, water, bed and crate, leash and collars. The general agreement is that by joining our foster program, you will foster the dog until their forever home comes along. Dogs in foster care are to remain with the approved foster only. If you are unable to continue fostering, you MUST immediately notify U&I Rescue and your foster dog must be returned to us.

What support can I expect from U&I Rescue?

U&I will host information sessions where potential and current fosters can come and learn more about what to expect, animal care tips. You will also be a member of the foster community where you can build relationships with other volunteers and get tips on raising pets.

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